Service Purchase Cost Calculator

The Montana Public Employee Retirement Administration welcomes you to our Service Purchase Cost Calculator.

This calculator allows you to enter your working history
to estimate the cost of purchasing Military Service,
"One-for-Five" Service, and "Other" Public Service.

* DISCLAIMER - The cost estimate displayed depends on the data you provide. The service purchase cost calculator does not use information contained in your file. MPERA is not bound by this estimate.

All projections are based on statutes and factors currently in effect. Any changes to statutes and factors will change this projection. Do not make decisions based only upon information obtained through this calculator. Contact MPERA for formal cost estimates if you are serious about purchasing service.

I acknowledge and agree that:
  1. This is merely an ESTIMATE of the cost of purchasing service credit;
  2. MPERA and the Public Employees' Retirement Board have no liability or obligation, either legal or equitable, to honor any cost estimate generated using this calculator;
  3. This cost ESTIMATE calculation is not to be construed in any way as a promise or contract between you and MPERA. Your official service purchase cost will be determined by MPERA in accordance with the laws in effect at the time of purchase.